Who We Are

Machine operation is handled by Rodney Bennett. Rodney is a 52 year resident of southeast Georgia, and has over 28 years of experience in the land clearing industry. He is a seasoned land clearing professional, with experience running many types of equipment, and holds an Associate’s Degree in Forestry from Okeefenokee Technical College.

ASE uses the Kut Kwick BrushMaster for all clearing duties. This machine is capable of removing trees and brush up to four inches in diameter, leaving the debris lying flat on the ground. With rear discharge, there is a lower risk of thrown objects, so it is ideal for close proximity land clearing service areas where that is a concern. The zero-turn-radius maneuverability allows for close trimming and increased productivity, allowing ASE to give you the best bang for the buck!

Some of Our Land Beautification Programs

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some before and after images of our land clearing services we’ve done to date. Come visit often, as we will update our gallery with new images of our land beautification programs they become available.


Let’s Get Started

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